Murals by Saint Paint

Our collection of murals. Check back regularly for new work.

Peek A Blue

1 of 6 murals created for the Pinellas Park Better Block program in October 2015. Aerosol 

Invasive Species

Completed for Fins and Skins exotic petstore in Pinellas Park in April 2015.

Time To Think

Derek Donnelly and Sebastian Coolidge 2014 Florida craftsmen building. Biggest wall mural in st. Pete! Represents big business embracing creativity in their community. 

Photo courtesy of Brian James

Woo Mural - 600 Block - DTSP


Photo credit Hyperweb Media

WOOMOBILE - Passenger Side

Mahi Mahi! Aerosol.

Sunspot Fresh Bar - "Fresh Frog"


Local Brewing Company (LBC) Palm Harbor

"Kings Gears For The Beers"

Collaboration between Sebastian Coolidge and Derek Donnelly.


Sunspot Fresh Bar - "Bleed the Lizard"


Keep Saint Pete Local - Localtopia

Aerosol on cellophane.

Rococo Steakhouse

Acrylic on ceiling.