Derek Donnelly

 Artist Derek Donnelly is a Florida native and grew up in St. Petersburg Fl. He graduated from PCCA (Pinellas County Center for the Arts) at Gibbs High school in 2001. Donnelly then attended IADT in Tampa for graphic design, specializing in digital illustration and brand development.

Over the past several years Donnelly has focused on portrait and mural work. He started painting again in 2010 and met several other artists including the late Bill "Woo" Corriea. In late 2011, Derek opened a small gallery in downtown St. Pete called Saint Paint Arts. This collective helped spawn several careers and is heavily involed in the ever-expanding St. Petersburg art scene. In November 2012 Derek's best friend and mentor "Woo" passed away from complications from brain surgery he had several years before. On the night of his death Donnelly started a tribute mural to him on the side of Saint Paint gallery. The project quickly evolved into a 40+ artist collaboration, with Derek painting Bill's face and other artists painting marine life around him to commemerate Woo and his aquatic subject matter.

The "Woomorial" has become somewhat of a landmark for the 600 block. Donnelly has painted several murals in the St. Pete area since including the ceiling at Rococco Steak. Derek also live paints at events for different charities and organizations, donating pieces whenever possible. In early 2014 Donnelly closed the physical location of Saint Paint to focus on doing more murals, art exhibitions and curating local businesses & resturants with the amazing work of the 30+ artists involved in the Saint Paint collective. Donnelly continues to organize bigger and better events throughout the bay area, and has become an agent and representative for many Tampa Bay area artists.

a u r a i l i e u s artist

THIS, is where i bore with you random tidbits of information like where I was born what art degrees I have or don't have ( I don;t have any) how many millions of art shows my art was exhibited in ( only about two million,) what artist collectives or associations i belong to, and what i think my art means, or what I hope to achieve with it. But, there are no easy answers here, I AM an artist because I have to be, I paint because I want to, and my works says or means or conveys whatever the fuck i felt that day. I will leave the important stuff for YOU to decide. ITS YOUR ART. look at it love it hate it or burn it in your backyard. Let it speak to you and tell you what it all means. OR just look at the pretty colors. Once you have it all decided, ill change it all just to surprise you.

Scott Hillis